ReadyMix Concrete

Concrete is a composite material mainly used for construction purpose and consists of water, cement, aggregates and admixtures. Ready-mix concrete is a material which can be cast into different shapes and higher in strength. Building & housing, roads, pavements, water & wastewater management and various other applications. 

The Ready-mix concrete is the key component in constriction activities which makes the structure more durable, strong and resistant against adverse weather conditions. We consistently come up with innovative ideas to increase the sustainability of engineered structure made up of concrete. 

By combining chemical admixtures and various constituents of concrete, our technologists modify the properties of concrete.

Advantages of Ready-mix Concrete

  • RMC reduces the cost of labor and site supervising
  • Due to the bulk handling the wastage of cement minimizes
  • One of the major advantages of ready-mix concrete is it is relatively pollution free
  • It allows speedy construction through mechanized operations and programmed delivery at site

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